who am i?

I am a certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist in private practice and a registered nurse with hospital experience in labor and delivery, post partum, and nursery.  I also teach yoga and meditation.  My work has taken me to two areas primarily:  support of the perinatal experience, as the unfolding of a multifaceted story for mother and baby; and support for artists and their creative expression.  Not so dissimilar!

I began my life as the daughter of two musicians who planted seeds early in my life for beauty, reverence, creativity and service.  

I became a dancer, then returned to university to complete a BA in art history.  I met my husband, a Tunisian chef, working as a waitress to pay off student loans.  Love, marriage, children and a restaurant of our own followed in quick succession.  I managed home and business as best I could and turned to yoga for support and refuge.  I knew that I would need a practice that helped me stay grounded in the midst of it all.  

I had just begun a yoga teacher's training when, in 2004, my 6 year old son was diagnosed with epilepsy.  It was my search for alternative and supportive treatments that led me to craniosacral therapy.  The benefit was immediate and profound, making it possible for him to lead a full and balanced life.   The following year, more illness visited my family, and also the deaths of my beloved grandmother, and my husband's mother, herself a healer in the neighborhood of Tunis where he had spent his childhood.  

I finished my yoga teacher's training with Jennifer Kohl of Lotus Yoga and decided to become a nurse, imagining a world where alternative and allopathic treatments could be intertwined in the service of well-being.  I have worked as a labor and delivery nurse, a postpartum and nursery nurse, and a hospice volunteer.  

I have always worked in a vibrant community of immigrants.  My mother and my husband were both born and raised outside the US and I have lived and worked in different countries and feel acutely tuned in to the struggles and joys of the diverse life experiences of humankind. 

I completed an Eden Energy Medicine certification course in 2014, which introduced me to the meridians and elements of the traditional Chinese model, as well as deepened my understanding of the chakras and their significance from the ayurvedic model.  I learned some basic kinesiology and substance testing, and from my teacher, Marjorie Fein, I also began learning about essential oils and their health-supporting properties.

It was my son's craniosacral therapist, Jaqulin Winchester, a certified nurse practitioner,  who encouraged me to study with Franklyn Sills. I am forever grateful to her, and to Franklyn Sills, my teacher, for his guidance, and his teachings, wisdom and experience in this most extraordinary path of healing and wellness.